Swimming behind the Artic Circle


Norilsk in Russia’s Central Siberia is the northernmost city in the world. It is located in the tundra far inside the Arctic Circle.
The place is covered with snow eight months a year and the average temperatures in winter are minus 40 to 45 degrees Celsius.
It is one of the world’s coldest cities.

But many people in Norilsk enjoy ice swimming. Its fans can be seem on the shore all year round, defying the freezing cold and high winds. 



Fire of life


Alexander Kaptarenko is 101 years old. In December 2013 he joined the Olympic torch relay in Novosibirsk, which made him the oldest torch-bearer in Olympic history.

Kaptarenko is famous for becoming the oldest participant of the world veterans’ table tennis championship in 2012, the year he turned 100. Despite being in great shape for his age, Kaptarenko decided to do some extra training ahead of the Olympic torch relay.
The would-be torch-bearer bought a perfect training device in a supermarket – a whole frozen salmon turned out to be the best choice in terms of weight and shape for the purpose. “It’s just right if you hold it by the tail.” 





Village Poteryaevka, where live members of the Orthodox community. Orthodox congregation founded by the famous preacher Ignatius Lapkin. The village's population adheres to traditional lifestyles and values.


April, 2012

Equestrian school

Regional riding competition in specialized Equestrian school of Olympic Reserve in Novosibirsk (West Siberia).




​​The story about peolpe who make valenki (traditional russian winter footwear).
This small factory in Altay region (West Siberia). The most of operation is hand work.
Valenki made of sheep wool and water.


Febrary, 2010

Red Deers

In farms Gorny Altai red deers bred for the production of their antlers, blood and meat of different drugs to help various diseases and prolong life.


The main product - antlers - cut every year in June, when they reached their maximum weight, but not yet hardened.


June 2010/2012

Alexandr Kryazhev